What life trajectory am I on?

A body at rest tends to remain at rest. A body in motion tends to stay in motion. Bodies will continue in their current state, whether at rest or in motion, unless acted on by a greater outside force. (Sir Isaac Newton; First Law of Motion, the Law of Inertia,1687) 

Is there a similarity between this observable law of physics and our lives on a day to day existence and life in general.  Do we as children receive a greater outside force that sets us on an incredible trajectory, a path that we remain on until a greater force changes it? What happens if that said greater force never happens, do we have the ability to alter our own trajectory?

As children we unwillingly receive a great force made up of our genetics, our parents, our school friends, our teachers. This force isn't necessarily chosen it is, with best intentions, thrust upon us to help us succeed and in many cases works well. Like a meteor through the night sky we shoot in the most efficient manner possible, maybe with a vague destination in mind, maybe not, but certainly in a particular direction. 

When we think of people dissatisfied with their current state it helps to understand the force that continues to move them. As with everything we can’t manage what we’re not aware of, Understanding our own background and root cause of our current trajectory allows us to switch off or tinker with the level of propulsion. It may also allow us to re-engage with a particular force needed to accelerate us on our path. 

I feel our trajectory ultimately falls into two categories, One that is under control or one that is out of control. The external world is constantly applying forces that either pulls us slightly off course for a small period of time, slows us down significantly or hits us so hard we change course completely. Sometimes this can be a welcome event that leads to satisfaction, such as meeting a person who encourages you or provides a required resource. A lot of the time this external force is not welcome and can lead to frustration, anger, bitterness, confusion or (input negative emotion here).

So how do we create a trajectory that is under control? Purpose first, What is the reason for our movement? What is our highest positive intention in our behaviours? We need to figure out our vision, what is our destination, how do we know when we have landed? 

Once we have our purpose and programmed the coordinates, we need to get there. Back to physics, we need to figure out two things:

What is resisting us? Do we need to stop certain behaviours, surrounding ourselves with certain people, drop a belief about ourselves that weigh us down? 

What propels us? Surrounding ourselves with certain people, reminding ourselves of the positive values within us, reminding ourselves of our destination? Create your own solar powered rocket that doesn't switch off, somedays it may have less force but it will not stop. 

I’m reminded of a sailors saying “hold fast and stay true” when travelling on a journey. Resist those external forces that will certainly effect us, enjoy and appreciate those forces that propel us and dream daily of that destination. 

Unlike the law of inertia, we are not some object in the sky, we have the capacity to generate our own force and so a freedom to choose our own trajectory.